Heritage Sash window Glass
Single Panel & triple insulated or just to hang

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Click on photo`s to enlarge All Designs are made to order

All windows are available as single or triple glazed (IG) insulated units

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SDG 888
Bevel diamond clusters Waterglass
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Clear Diamond window
picking up colours
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SGD 684
Bevels & texture art glass
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SGD 2084 Clear Bevels diamonds & Texture art glass
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SGD 3321
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SGD 867 Blue
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SGD J8 Colour
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Heritage Tulip
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SGD 81 clear Texture
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V299 Heritage design
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High quality craftsmanship

Every order made to your specific measurements

Real Leaded Glass Panels NOT an Imitation

Competitive pricing

All orders Custom Wood Crated
& Shipping with insurance
USA & Canada

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Tel # 604 323 6226 & 250 328 9871